Studying for an HND in Theatre Design at Northbrook College, Worthing, I was able to explore all aspects of set and costume design and construction, from intricate, small-scale model-making, to large-scale sets and props.

After graduating in 1993, I freelanced for 3 years as a design assistant, scenic painter and prop-maker on shows for the Derby Playhouse, Norwich Theatre Royal and a number of London theatres, including the National Theatre and Royal Opera House. For the following 7 years I held the position of Resident Scenic Artist at the Royal Theatre in Northampton, where the work was varied, challenging and very rewarding. One month would find me painting faux marbling onto an MDF floor for an Oscar Wilde play, while another, I would be carving Stonehenge out of polystyrene for a production of ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’! During my final 3 years there, I was also responsible for designing the Theatre-in-Education shows, which toured the Northamptonshire schools.

My most recent theatre work has involved painting a set for ‘Dear Santa’, a children’s Christmas show which toured around the East Midlands in December 2017. It was great to have the old painting boots on again, after a break of several years!